Our adventure in the world of wine is an exciting story that has its roots in generations of passion and dedication. The key to our success lies in the deep connection with the land of Puglia in Italy, a region with a rich wine tradition passed down for centuries.

The first traces of vines in Puglia date back to 7000 BC.

According to legend, the Greek hero Diomedes sailed the Adriatic, sailed up the Ofanto and built the walls of the new city of Troy, bringing with him vine shoots which would then give rise to the Apulian wine of the same name. Even Homer spoke of this region as a place of "eternal spring", due to the unique climatic conditions that favored the production of authentic and refined wines.

It is from here that our passion for wine comes to life.

From the harvest of the grapes to the magical moment when the wine dances on the taste buds, every phase of our production process is a tribute to our connection with the roots. The Maci family is an undisputed point of reference in the universe of oenology, a guardian of the past and a pioneer of the future.

With over 500 awards, including 110 gold medals and 105 overall awards, obtained in renowned competitions such as the Concour Mondial de Bruxelles, the CWSA, the Wine Chateau and Expovina, we have demonstrated that Apulian wine is up to the challenge global.

But MACI's commitment goes beyond wine production; we share a thousand-year heritage. A family tradition handed down from generation to generation, in which the secrets of a profession that embraces both the classic and the innovative are kept.

The constant search for excellence and the incessant innovative spirit have allowed us to reach an extraordinary goal: the double gold medal, a recognition never achieved by any other winemaker in the world.

Join us on the journey through the history and passion that guides us, as we continue to write the future of wine and share our legacy with the world.